Privacy and Cookies Policy

OCCIDENTAL HOTELES MANAGEMENT, S.L. wishes to advise users, clients and subscribers to its website of its policy concerning treatment and protection of the personal data of persons voluntarily using the services, order forms or contact emails for contracting or contacting OCCIDENTAL HOTELES MANAGEMENT, S.L, any of the products and/or services offered on the website and involving communication of their personal details.

1. Identification of the party responsible for the file.

OCCIDENTAL HOTELES MANAGEMENT, S.L., with Tax No. B28775997, informs users, clients and/or subscribers to its web page of the existence of various files for which responsibility corresponds to OCCIDENTAL HOTELES MANAGEMENT, S.L., domiciled at C/ José Abascal No. 58, 6ª planta, 28010-Madrid, where the personal details users, clients and/or subscribers communicate to OCCIDENTAL HOTELES MANAGEMENT, S.L (henceforth OHM) are collected and stored.

2. Updating of policies

OHM will, without notice, modify this privacy policy whenever necessary to adjust it to any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or administrative change, or to adapt it to instructions issued by the Data Protection Agency or a legitimate OHM objective. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any modification hereto shall be published and notified on the OHM web page and in the policy itself. OHM therefore recommends that users read these policies from time to time to familiarise themselves with changes made herein.

3. The purpose of the file.

Notification of personal details by a user to OHM via its web page may only be deemed to occur when such user makes voluntary use of the hotel reservations service, contact with a wedding consultant, to plan meetings or event, to subscribe to the newsletter, an order form to contact OHM, or in contact emails, because in these cases data processing is inevitable and implicit to the contracting or contact system. In these cases and those described in the following section, the entity will inform the client and/or subscriber that the data are processed for the following purposes: to complete all formalities related to the preparation of quotes, contracting and the provision of OHM products and/or hotel services, as well as for delivery of company advertising or commercial prospecting, or should the party concerned ask for it, and dealing with and replying to communications received and keeping records of commercial relations.

4. Consent

OHM hereby informs you that this privacy policy contains all aspects related to the processing of personal details which OHM performs as the party responsible for it. You are also advised that when a user with no commercial relations with OHM sends an email or a communication to OHM including other personal details, that user is giving free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent to the processing of his or her personal details by OHM, with the aims established above, and to deal with their communication or deliver documentation.

For the same purposes, OHM advises that if a client and/or subscriber sends an email or notifies their personal details to OHM as a consequence of their post in a company – as administrator, manager, representative and/or any other position as contact person in that company – such communication is deemed to imply provision of their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent to the processing of their personal details by OHM for the purposes established above, and to deal with their communication or deliver documentation.

5. Identification of recipients to whom OHM plans to make assignments or access to data for the account of third parties.

OHM plans only to assign or communicate as may be required pursuant to Article 11.2.c. of Organic Act No. 15/1999 of 13 December, the Personal Data Protection Act (henceforth the LOPD) as part of its obligations with the Public Administrations in the cases where this is required pursuant to the legislation in place on each matter and at any time and also, as applicable, to other institutions such as Judges, the Public Prosecutor, the Courts, the Court of Auditors or the Ombudsman.

In addition, assignment as necessary to hotels requested by the client/user for provision of the reservation service:

Country Hotel (Commercial name) Address social Tax ID
Mexico Occidental Grand Xcaret Desarrollo Flamenco Riviera S.A. de C.V. DFR991229I26
Mexico Occidental Grand Cozumel Cozumel Villages S.A. de C.V. CVI970125IX4
Mexico Occidental Allegro Cozumel Diamond Hotels Cozumel S.A. de C.V. DHC910529HF9
Mexico Occidental Allegro Nuevo Vallarta Diamond Hotels Nuevo Vallarta S.A. de C.V. DHN9311107P4
Mexico Occidental Royal Hideaway Hotel Royal Playacar S.A. de C.V. HRP9704255X2
Mexico Occidental Allegro Playacar Diamond Hotels Playacar S.A. de C.V. DHP9105294Y0
Aruba Occidental Grand Aruba Allegro Palm Beach, N.V. 3384120
C. Rica Occidental Allegro Papagayo Hotel Occidental Playa Nacascolo, S.A. 3101229186
C. Rica Occidental Grand Papagayo Occidental Smeralda, S.A. 3101124843
Dom Rep Occidental Flamenco Punta Cana Inversora Internacional Hotelera S.A. 101-66937-3
Dom Rep Occidental El Embajador Occifitur Dominicana S.A. 101-53087-1
Haiti Royal Oasis SCIOP S.A 000-562-109-4
Colombia Hotel Estelar Grand Playa Manzanillo Hoteles Estelar S.A. 890304099-3

OHM also informs users that any other mandatory assignment of data will be made known to said user if provided for in the LOPD, expressly, precisely and unequivocally identifying the recipients of the information, the ends to which the data will be put and the nature of the data assigned or, as applicable and when required pursuant to the LOPD, the user’s prior, unequivocal, specific and informed consent will be sought.

OHM nonetheless informs users and clients that any processing of personal details will be subject to the data protection legislation in place in Spain as provided for in the LOPD and its complementary and enabling provisions. In this sense, OHM is responsible for and guarantees the confidentiality only of personal data requested from the user via the web page, and declines any other liability concerning the processing and subsequent use of personal details by third-party information society service providers who may access said data in providing their services or pursuing their activity.

Individuals or legal entities offering the following services are deemed – without limitation – to be the third parties offering information society services: a) transmission via a communication network of data facilitated by those receiving the service. b) Services for access to said network. c) Data storage or housing services. d) Supply of contents or information. OHM declines all liability for the processing of data by third parties who create hyperlinks with OHM and those with responsibility to whom OHM refers its visitors via hyperlinks.

6. Data quality.

OHM hereby advises users that, in the absence of legal representation, no user may employ the identity of another person and communicate their personal details, so that users must at all times remember that they may include only personal details related to their own identity and which are adequate, pertinent, current, exact and true. For these purposes, a user is exclusively liable for any direct and/or indirect damage caused to third parties or to OHM for the use of the personal details of another person, or of their own personal details if false, erroneous, outdated, inadequate or indiscreet. Similarly, a user who employs the personal details of a third party shall answer to them for the obligation for information established in Article 5.4 of the LOPD where the personal data were not obtained from the interested party themselves, and/or for the consequences of not having informed them.

7. Exercise of right to access, object, rectify and cancel data.

OHM hereby advisers users that they may make use of their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection in a written petition addressed to OHM at the following address: C/ José Abascal, 58, 6ª planta, 28010-Madrid.

8. Use of forms to collect personal details by OHM.

OHM includes a note in the data-collection form setting out all the conditions for the processing of personal data pursuant to Article 5 of the LOPD, e.g. the mandatory or optional nature of response to questions asked, the consequences of obtaining data or of a refusal to provide them, the reasons for collecting them, their possible assignment, and consent for personal data processing carried out.

9. Security measures related to personal data processing.

OHM informs users that, as provided for in the LOPD and in Royal Decree No. 1720/2007, the necessary technical and organisational measures have been taken to assure the security of the personal data and to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, in the light of the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored, and the risks to which they are exposed. OHM also guarantees users compliance with the duty of professional secrecy in connection with their personal details, and the duty to store them.

10. Cookies policy.

To communicate on the web with the USER’s team, to provide the online services requested for reservation and pre-reservation, to verify room availability, to enhance your browsing experience and offer you customised commercial information, this Portal uses mechanisms for the implantation of cookies and storage of IP addresses. Cookies are small data files which are stored in the USER’s computer and which reveal information on their browsing patterns and their use of the Portal. This information will be used to improve the portal, personalise it, to discover your preferences and to inform you specifically of products or services which best respond to your needs.

The Portal stores the following cookies:

Name Purpose Classification
Vtma Data for Google Analytics. Needed for Google Analytics statistics
Vtmb Data for Google Analytics. Needed for Google Analytics statistics
Vtmc Data for Google Analytics. Needed for Google Analytics statistics
Vtmz Data for Google Analytics. Needed for Google Analytics statistics

If a USER accesses our portal using third party advertising technology or on other pages where OHM advertises itself, the following cookies are stored:

Name Purpose Classification
Ohrcoockie Data for affiliate programme. Needed for affiliate statistics

When we offer you advertising notices, it may be that a single persistent third party cookie is recognised or placed in your browser. We also use signalling gifs provided by those offering advertising services for the administration of notices on line. These signalling gifs allow the advertising server to recognise a browser cookie when visiting this site, and to find out which notices reach those using our website, and whether they make a reservation in an OHM hotel. The information gathered by us and by the service providers using this technology is not for personal identification, but is used to create a profile allowing the advertising service provider to send advertising notices addressed to you and your interests via the advertising services network.

Simply by browsing at this portal, the USER expressly consents to the introduction of the cookies referred to, for which they have received clear, comprehensive information on their use and purpose. Should a USER not provide that consent, he or she must refrain from using this portal. The USER nonetheless also has an option to use this portal and to reject cookies by selecting the associated configuration option in their browser programme. OHM however declines any responsibility should that impair the correct operation of the Portal and/or provision of the service selected, because most cookies are necessary for effective communication between portal and USER or to provide the online reservation and pre-reservation service.

OHM has introduced the technical and organisational measures needed to assure the security of the personal data and to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, as provided for in the Organic Act No. 15/1999 of 13 December, the Personal Data Protection Act and in Royal Decree No. 1720/2007 of 21 December passing its enabling Regulations. Personal data are transmitted via this Portal using a secure server system, guaranteeing your privacy with the SSL protocol, encrypting the data delivered. USERs can confirm that their browser is secure by checking that the lock symbol appears on their browser bar, and that the URL does not begin with the letters http but rather https.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, a USER must be aware that computer system security is never complete. It must also be remembered that, when personal details are facilitated on the Internet, the information can be collected without user consent and subsequently processed by unauthorised third parties. OHM declines any responsibility for the consequences of such acts when a USER publishes the information voluntarily.